CND Education Ambassador Jacqueline Watt from Western Australia shows you how to achieve this fun festive look just in time for the holidays!

Step 1: After thoroughly cleansing your nails with SCRUBFRESH™, apply 2 coats of CND™ VINYLUX® Weekly Polish in Blackpool.

Step 2: Using some craft glitter, tap silver glitter around the edges.

Step 3: Using VINYLUX® Cream Puff, paint a round bottomed love heart and an oval underneath as shown.

Step 4: Using a small eyeliner brush, paint an oval nose and two triangles for feet using VINYLUX® Electric Orange.

Step 5: Using a stylus or toothpick, add dots for his eyes in VINYLUX® Blackpool and dots to separate his toes in VINYLUX® Cream Puff.

Step 6: After cleaning your brush, paint on a scarf using VINYLUX® Wildfire.

Step 7: Using your brush, add stripes to the scarf in VINYLUX® Locket Love.

Step 8: Finish off with 1 coat of VINYLUX® Weekly Top Coat. ENJOY!!