As the global leader in professional nail care, CND revolutionised the nail industry with the launch of CND™ SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color, a fully removable Pro-only system with zero dry time and flawless wear for 14+ days of mirror shine. Now, with the launch of the NEW CND™ OFFLY FAST™ 8 Minute Removal & Care Kit, safe and convenient CND™ SHELLAC® removal is right at your fingertips.

“For superior service, I always say ‘Go with a Pro’ – but as an on-the-go woman, I understand how challenging it can be for clients to make it to the salon for removal service between manicure appointments,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold.


2 X NEW CND™ Foil Remover Wraps (10 pack)
1 X OFFLY FAST™ Replenishing Remover 59 mL
1 X SOLAROIL® Cuticle Oil Mini 3.7 mL
1 X Manicure Stick
1 X Instruction Sheet
*Each kit provides everything you need to perform two removals.


NEW CND™ Foil Remover Wraps: Precision-placed pad limits acetone exposure to the skin; absorbent cotton prevents leaks; soft foil allows for a snug fit and traps heat for quick removal; off-center pad for easy wrapping.

OFFLY FAST™ Replenishing Remover: Acetone- based formula is strong enough to remove tough, resilient nail coatings; infused with Macadamia and Vitamin E Oils to condition nails; protects skin and nails against dryness and dehydration; gently removes CND™ SHELLAC® in just 8 minutes.

SOLAROIL® Cuticle Oil: Jojoba Seed Oil deeply penetrates to moisturise and condition while acting as a carrier to increase penetration of other ingredients; Vitamin E helps to reduce visible signs of aging while softening and moisturising; Sweet Almond Oil softens and conditions.

Saturate cotton pad on foil wrap with OFFLY FAST™ Replenishing Remover; place wrap under finger.

Fold cotton pad over nail and wrap Foil Remover Wrap around finger.

Once in place, squeeze the top centre of the foil together to secure; leave wrap on finger for 8 minutes when removing CND™ SHELLAC® (15 minutes for BRISA® Lite Removable Smoothing Gel and 30 minutes for BRISA® Lite Removable Sculpting Gel). Please check with your Nail Professional which coating you have on your nails.

Using a twisting motion, pull the Foil Remover Wrap from nail; gently slide off any remaining product with the manicure stick.

Apply SOLAROIL® Cuticle Oil after removal and twice daily, massaging into nails and surrounding skin.

Although this kit contains enough product for two complete removals of CND™ SHELLAC®, you will still have ample OFFLY FAST™ Replenishing Remover to remove many applications of VINYLUX® quickly and easily.