·         How do I choose a nail technician?

Choosing a good nail technician can be a daunting task.

The most important thing to establish when searching for a technician is training and experience.

Questions to ask a potential nail technician:

·        Can I see your certificates?

·        What products do you use? (Make sure they are using a reputable brand.)

·        Have they had product specific training?

·        How long have they been in the industry?

Often the best way to locate a great nail technician is word of mouth. Next time you see someone with nails that you love, ask them where they get them done and make an appointment.


·           What are the best products for maintaining my manicures at home?

The key product for healthy cuticles and nails is SOLAROIL®. Not only does SOLAROIL®. hydrate and replenish dry skin and nails is also promotes healthy nail growth. SOLAROIL®. also is especially important when wearing nail enhancements. The hydrating ingredients it contains such as, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil & vitamin E, not only keep your natural nail moisturised and flexible but also your enhancements which we help prevent them from cracking and becoming brittle.


·         Are nail services safe during pregnancy?

CND products have shown no problems with pregnancy, UV light exposure during a nail service is approximately the same amount of UV exposure as walking from your house to your car. Of course we suggest that you consult your doctor prior to receiving any nail service.


·         What are the white spots on my nail plates?

White spots can appear on your nails for a couple of reasons. Firstly, nail dehydration. To combat nails becoming dehydrated we recommend daily use of CND™ SOLAROIL®. SOLAROIL® penetrates the nail plate and surrounding skin to deeply hydrate and replenish. Secondly, nail trauma.  A traumatising knock to the nail can cause the forming nail plate cells to compress and create a white spot. White spots are generally not a health concern and will simply ‘grow out’ over time. If white spots are a concern to you, please visit your doctor for medical advice.


·         My heels are dry & cracked, what can I do?

A common problem is easily taken care of with daily use of CND™ Cucumber Heel Therapy. Rub this hydrating crème into your dry feet (preferably before bed). A visit to your local nail professional for a pedicure will also help slough away calloused skin and hydrate dry heels.


·          What does 3-Free mean?

3-Free refers to the absence of Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phylate in a product. In basic terms, VINYLUX®  Weekly Polish and CND™ SHELLAC® 14+ day wear color, do not contain any of the mentioned ingredients which can are often associated with allergic reactions.


·         How can I strengthen my natural nails without having artificial enhancements?

Again CND’s liquid gold SOLAROIL® should be used to promote healthy nail growth.

If you want some nail protection without the damage that can be associated with gel and acrylic, try SHELLAC®. There is no natural nail buffing required prior to SHELLAC® application and is easily removed in 10 minutes without filing or drilling.


·           What is SHELLAC®?

SHELLAC® is a unique patent pending product system from the leaders in Nails, Fashion & Beauty, CND.

SHELLAC® combines the best features of nail polish and the best features of gels to offer you 14-day flawless, high gloss wear. SHELLAC® is a professional-only service which is cured under a specially designed UV Lamp, meaning ZERO DRY TIME. No more smudging your nails before you even reach your car or waking up the following morning with sheet marks on your once perfect toes. SHELLAC® is perfect for women who want to have nicely manicured fingers and meticulous toes without any damage to the natural nail or need for artificial enhancements. SHELLAC® goes on just like nail polish, but with the wearability of a gel.

To find a salon in your area offering SHELLAC®, click on the ‘FIND A SALON’ tile on the home menu.


·           What is VINYLUX®?

VINYLUX® is a revolutionary new weekly polish system that delivers durable, high-shine and week-long wear. Developed by CND, the innovators of CND™ SHELLAC®, the VINYLUX® system includes a self-adhering colour coat and a Top Coat with ProLight Technology that enhances durability with exposure to natural light.


·         What makes VINYLUX® different from other traditional polishes on the market?

For more than 60 years the nail industry has essentially used the exact same lacquer formulation. CND has reinvented traditional polish by developing an innovative system which includes a self-adhering Color Coat that eliminates the need for a Base Coat, along with a Top Coat that utilises new ProLight technology that enhances durability with exposure to natural light over time.


·         What is ProLight Technology?

ProLight Technology defines the technology developed for VINYLUX® Weekly Top Coat. The technology creates a network of cross-linked polymers that increase resistance to chipping and enhances durability with exposure to natural light over time.


·         How is VINYLUX® different from SHELLAC®?

VINYLUX® and SHELLAC® are both innovative nail care systems developed by CND that deliver high-shine, long-wear manicures and pedicures with easy removal. VINYLUX® is a weekly polish system that can be applied in-salon or at-home. SHELLAC® is for a professional only service that goes on like a polish and wears for 14+ days.


·         Is VINYLUX® a replacement for SHELLAC®?

CND developed VINYLUX® to cater to women who want to change their nail colour every week or on demand, but also want long wear and high shine manicures and pedicures. SHELLAC® caters to women who desire a two week commitment, zero dry time, and salon-only services. CND has an option, colour and system for every woman’s personal style and preference.